J and R Starbuck Catalogue


Packaging Tapes


Packing Extractors


Paint Aluminium Antifouling Apexior Bitumastic Blackboard Dayglow Deck Emulsion Epoxy Fibreglass Fire Retardent Galvafroid Galvanised Metal Pri-iner Hammer Finish High Temperature International Marine Coatings International Yacht Products Korkon Anti-Condensation

Primers PVC Red Lead Red Oxide Stone Watertank VC Tar Zinc Chromate

Paint Brushes

Paint Cans

Paint Pads

Paint Rollers

Paint Scuttles

Paint Stripper

Paint Trays

Paint Thinners & Cleaners

Palms - Seaming, Roping

Paper Serviettes

Parachute Rockets


Parallel Rules

Pedal Bins

Petroleum jelly

Piano Hinge

Pick Axes

Pilot Ladders

Pipe Nipples

Plastic Padding

Platform Brooms



Plus Gas

Polish Metal Floor Furniture Yacht Polypropylene Ropes

Polyester Ropes

Polythene Sheeting


Pop Rivets

Ports - Brass Port Circles - Class

Port Rubber Strip

Protective Clothing - Aprons, Boilersuits, Boots, Chestwaders, Ear Defenders, Ear Plugs, Gloves, Goggles, Hedguards, Masks, PVC Suits, Safety Harness, Tank Suits, Thigh Boots, Waders.

PTFE Packing


Pulley Blocks

Pump Impellors & Spares

Pumps - Belt Drive Electric Manual Shaft drive

Punch - Centre, Parallel Pin, Wad.

Putty - Lead, Linseed Oil

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