J and R Starbuck Catalogue


Easystart Diesel engine aerosol

Electric lamps (light bulbs!) 25v/50v/110v/220v, Miniature lamps

Electrical Switch Cleaner Aerosol

Elsan toilet fluid – for chemical toilets 1ltr,2ltr, 4ltr

Emery abrasive cloth

Emery abrasive rolls

Engineering supplies

Engineer’s Felt

Epoxy Resin

Evostik commercial adhesives

Eyebolts – galvanised, stainless steel

Eyes with woodscrew thread – galvanised, stainless steel

Eyelets – Brass, plastic

        – Eyelet closing tools

        – Eyelet wad punch

        – Eyenuts glavanised

Eyeplates – stainless steel, brass, galvanised

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